Going Back to Nigeria?

Hey guys! I have been on a little break, and now I do not have an excuse anymore not to write blog post as I am currently out of a job! Recently, the commonly asked question is when are you coming back to Nigeria? Let me explain for those of you who do not understand.

As you all know by now, I am from Nigeria, but presently living in Glasgow. I moved here about two years ago to join my sister and also study for a master’s degree. Typically, everyone knows that a postgraduate degree here is about eighteen months, but mine was over two years because I had to do a work placement.

The raised eyebrows I usually got when I told my friends in Nigeria then that I had not finished school (back then wile I was still in school) as some people were helping me monitor the calendar and my start and finish dates (I only wish they helped my parents with the fees). Anyways, it is already weeks after graduation and am still not back; and am still getting asked this question.

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Hopefully, this post answers all the questions, and maybe now I can just send this link to anyone who asks me this question from now on.

So, yes, I graduated in September, and yes, am not back to Nigeria yet and I do not know when I am coming back to Nigeria at least for the next year or thereabout. The next question is why and what would you be doing?

No, I have not gotten a job, I would just be keeping my sister company just so she is not lonely! OK, that was a joke. I have caught that entrepreneurial bug and have an events planning and coordination company/business setup. This business primarily caters to African themed events here, so if you are ever in the country for your event, you can send me an email!

I also want to wish all my Nigerian peeps a happy independence day! Do not give up on her just yet, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


I really hope I have answered your questions properly (if you were asking), and if you have more questions, just reach out to me in your most convenient way, either in the comment section, twitter or Instagram, or even an email, and I would be sure to reply.

I am really just using that as an excuse to hear from you. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from you guys? I do hope you are living life and staying positive?




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