Penny for your Thoughts: How to Breathe into Wealth!

Wealth, my lovelies’ is a recurring thought! I am sure it is for you, or maybe not. How to stay wealthy and live up to my potential has been a constant thought in my mind for quite some time. Last week, we launched a penny for your thoughts series on the blog. If you have not read it, just go read it, I will wait for you (lol)!

First of all, when I say I want to be wealthy, money is part of it. In fact, I would say a huge part of it, but, not all of it.

When I think about being wealthy, I think about being happy, healthy, having family and friends around, and being able to afford the basic necessities of life, and even luxury (money)! Most importantly, being able to touch the lives of people around you, after all, what is the essence of living if you cannot help humanity.

I honestly do not know if that is a healthy thought because it is constantly on my mind. Some people might say money is not everything. However, it is important! even the Bible says “money answers all things”.

Sometimes, I like to think that I am trying to live out the meaning of my name. My name is ADEMISOLA, and the literal meaning is “the crown breathes into wealth” so I am the crown (obviously), and I have been looking for ways to breathe into wealth! (lol)

In my own little way, I have found out ways to breathe into wealth, and I think I should share them with you. So, here they are:

  1. Keep telling yourself that money will come at the right time! As long as you put your hands to work, it is a phase that would definitely come in its time. So do not give up.
  2. Make it a conscious effort to define wealth. I have a beautiful and supportive family and friends, a wonderful boyfriend, a healthy body (believe me when I say health is wealth!), a roof over my head. Bear in mind that we have these things not because we deserve them. Absolutely not! Therefore, If you can tick some of these things, trust me darling, you are wealthy.
  3. Want is a mere desire! I learn to be content and differentiate between what is a necessity, and what I can do without at the moment (differentiate between what you want and what you need).

Lastly, always stay positive and remember that there is time for everything! You have got to learn how to make yourself happy in those down moments. My Pastor in church says “always remember that there will be a bounce back!”



This is the first post in the Penny for your Thoughts series!



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