90 Days Absence: What Exactly Happened

90 days??? Haba Missy!

Yes, I know and I think I deserve a smack on my bum. But, do not worry, I will do that myself (lol)!

Ok, so let me explain. I have been away from Missy’s Adventures for 90 days. Well, not exactly 90 days because I lost count and cannot tell the number of days (as if I was counting…lol).

I lost control of my site and lost everything (save for the last backup I did sometime in October last year.  Right, what happened, because I always have a reason for everything? I honestly think that I had so much happening in the first quarter of this year (life was happening). Moreover, like we all know (or maybe it is just me), when life happens, you shut off completely or partially from your normal routine.

Erm…this is not a good enough excuse. But, excuse me I am being honest here! Anyway, when I was done feeling like the whole world was on my shoulders, and really lost my writing zeal. I happily logged on ready to write a blogpost, and BOOM! I was logged out of my own site.

So, let me explain.

Before ‘life happened’, I had two websites which were hosted separately. Missy’s adventures and Baruch Events (my event planning business and do not forget to holla if you need a planner). A web designer set up Baruch Events, for which I later asked to transfer to my own hosting.  While he did that, I have no idea what happened (as am not so techy), I could not find Missy’s Adventures in the www (world wide web).

If you ask me, I think he just wanted to make things a bit difficult for me. Thankfully, bluehost sorted it, but not without me losing the blog contents. Certainly, October was not the last time I posted, maybe march.

Are you still here?

Long story ehn! So, that is what has been happening and where I have been. I am starting all over again, and I have decided to make slight changes on here. My next blog post will be all about the new changes and updates going forward. It is all about making Missy’s Adventures more interesting.

Here for the first time? You are very welcome, and I hope you stick around!!!




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