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What’s new? I will tell you. In my previous post, I promised that my next post will be about recent updates, and to just map out the blogging journey going forward. So, as a woman of my word (haa….yes, I am), keep reading to find out what’s new!

I had a post, which formally introduced Baruch Events on here, but lost it due to these reasons. So, I have decided to recycle my old posts which I lost on the blog. Thankfully, I have some of them saved somewhere on my laptop. As long as I can find them, I will re-post them here!

Now to the main point of this post.

Sometime in August, last year, I had a fantastic idea to set up a website and start blogging. The initial reason was to document my personal experiences and lessons learnt from starting my event planning company.

OK, so none of the above has changed, but a variety of blog posts will be featured on this space from now on. The adventures of being an event planner has been great so far, however, there is so much more going on that I would love to write about (besides, this “online diary” of an adventure is pure bliss…lol).

When I say there is so much going on, I am talking of things like:

  • A passion for entrepreneurship, business growth, and development (career)
  • A mission to help people and proffer solutions to their challenges
  • The different unique hairstyles our natural hair can come up with (my recent YouTube videos have been about natural hairstyles and my hair journey)
  • The pure excitement on my face when I buy new skincare products (confessions of a product junkie), and
  • The interesting life of an event planner

If you get the gist, all I am saying is, there is so much more (ranging from career to personal lifestyle) than being an event planner happening. More often than not, I would be blogging about more than just behind the scenes of Baruch Events.

I think it is safe to say that this week was used to catch up, and we would return to business as usual from my next post, which should be on Friday.

Nonetheless, more specific and formal posts will be on the blog page of Baruch Events. I hope you follow me there.

So, let me try to do a recap of this post. All I am saying is that, I got to a point in my life where I had a burning desire to be more, see more, and achieve more. I realised that the future is pregnant and I have to grab the bull by its horn (proud writer moment here, this last sentence makes me feel sophisticated…lol).

Whew…now you know what’s new, and we are on the same page.

Can you relate to this post? Is there something you have always wanted and/or still wanting to do? If yes, I have something to tell you: GO FOR IT!




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