My Current Weight Loss Journey

I think I have been on a weight loss journey since the day I knew my left from my right! The irony of it all is that when I look back at my old pictures, I tell myself this “but Missy, you were not big here, why were you bothering yourself?” I then go ahead and tell myself that if only I had known, I would have enjoyed my size then. Nevertheless, we are still here today…

Because this is a lifestyle blog, and I write based on what is happening per time. The latest adventure is to try again to lose the weight! There are three reasons motivating my current weight loss journey and they are:

  1. I am simply just tired of eating rubbish and constantly feeling tired.
  2. I am tired of using the #size14isnotfateither hashtag on my Instagram page.
  3. My baby cousin’s (he is the cutest child that ever liveth…lol) christening is in two weeks, and, I need this tummy to be a wee bit flatter for my dress!

So, what am I doing this time around? Before I say what I am doing, I just recently got over my own myth which is you do not need to eat right to lose weight, just go to the gym. I would love to say that has worked for me, but presently, my body has gotten used to that exercising, or I might just be growing older, or…well, I do not know.

So, last week I made up my mind to go on a healthy lifestyle. I would not call it a diet, cos diets are only temporary. I then spent my whole weekend getting set and prepping my meals. The only form of sugar I have been having is my fruits and I limit that to a 100g per day.

I am very mindful of writing my detailed diet plan on here, because I need to be sure that it works before I say anything. So, why don’t I just be the guinea pig and try it? If it works, great, I would gladly share the story for anyone who is interested.

I also do not know if I would fall off again (I hope not), but whatever the case would be, I promise not to be too hard on myself. I would appreciate my body as it is, and learn to buy and wear my size. Life is not that hard!

However, Tuesday was the absolute worst! My body has been addicted to sugar (carbs), and so a whole 24 hours without carbs meant headaches, weakness, and craving anything sugar. But, guess what? I pushed on and this is the end of day 3 (Wednesday). I am feeling great and my body is adapting to these changes.

One thing I have to say as I try to wrap up this post is, if you are on this weight loss journey like me, no matter how long it takes, keep going. Slowly but surely, we would get there.

Stay motivated!



P:S: I would save the before and after pictures for when there is really an after, because I am not there yet…


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