Anybody There…

Hello! Is anybody there? Whew! It’s been four and a half months since we were on this space. I hope that there is at least one person! This is what happens when you go MIA just like that.

I am fine, if anyone was wondering, lol. The simple and honest truth is that I battled, and am still battling with striking a balance and consistency. Today is 10th October and am not even sure when I would put up this post. I thought about writing a couple of posts in advance, so I am well prepared. I would let you know if this plan works out!

What have you missed?

Well, in almost five months, life has been happening, nothing out of the ordinary (but still grateful for the gift of life and good health). Missy is still Missy (but a few pounds lighter), business is also growing, and new ideas have been popping up every time. I think my brain is constantly on an overdrive.

I did, and am still losing weight, for which, I will do a separate blog post on. I finally passed my driving test and bought myself a car. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! Oh, just when I thought that part of my life would never end, it ended.

I am thinking of pictures that would be perfect for this post. It might be time for a photo shoot. Eeek! The mere thought of that is exciting.

I hope that by the time you are reading this, I have come up with a perfect plan to tackle my inconsistency issues and establish a balance. Which, I am sure would be water under the bridge.

As I try to wrap up this post, If you have always been here, thank you for sticking around. It means more than you can ever imagine. If you have just stumbled on this post, well, you are welcome to this space. Everyone here is family, and I do hope you have a fab time.

Finally, it is bed time today. Been off for over two weeks, and tomorrow will be my first day back at work. I need to have an early night because I can only imagine the amount of emails waiting for me….

See you in my next post!






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