You can call me Missy! I am a 20 something year old girl who is living my life like it is golden!!!! This is a fact, and it is that, I have lived a boring life for a while now, hence, the reason why some of my friends and family think adventures is not the appropriate term for me (But, I will surprise you…lol)!

Sometime in 2016 (during one of the mid J months), I had a rude awakeningย to be more, see more, and become more. And, since then, it has been an interesting and adventurous ride with new journeys springing up.

Missys’s Adventures was one of the adventures that was birthed, to write and tell the world about the exciting happenings in my life.

Here, at Missy’s Adventures, some common posts would be about

  • being an event plannerย and my other exciting career options,
  • becoming a blogger
  • my weight loss journey,
  • the hard life of a size 14 foodie,
  • my travel series
  • my obsession with my natural hair, hair products, and skincare products.

Once in a while, some uncommon posts would also pop up! But hey, I am sure they would be interesting too! I guess all I have been trying to say in short form is: This is a lifestyle blog, about the adventures of Missy!!!

I hope you enjoy reading everything you will/have read here, stay positive!!