Let’s be real, writing is such a powerful tool in boosting that current project you are working on. So why not get in touch with me (writer) today? No excuses!

Misola (Missy) is a freelance writer, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and a digital consultant.  She has worked and has extensive experience within the hospitality & events industry, and as a financial care assistant dealing with personal personal unsecured loans.

She started her freelance writing career on personal finance, business startups, and event/wedding planning after she realised her passion for writing.

Some of her published works include designing a business logo, starting a blog, and planning your wedding on a budget.

She writes interesting and engaging blog posts, newsletters, copy that is aimed at

  • Improving traffic and engagement
  • Boost your conversion rates, and
  • Increase earning potential

She knows just the right content for your site that is highly engaging, shareable, and keeps them coming back for more.

Misola is also a Christ lover, and a life coach who specialises in assisting and providing useful resources to help people attain financial freedom!

Lastly, she promises to deliver on time and respond to any email request promptly.

Misola is currently accepting assignments.

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